Our Values


We use our words and actions to treat others and ourselves with high regard by recognizing one another’s worth, experiences, feelings, actions, and accomplishments.


We actively and continuously work towards a culture where respect, dignity, belonging, and a celebration of all identities are prominent amongst peers, team members, and organizational leaders. Please see NSRC’s full policy related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


We recognize our role in facilitating sustainability and connectedness within our neighborhoods and our larger West Michigan community. We strive to positively impact the spaces we are a part of and the people within them.


We recognize the value of setting difficult-to-reach goals and a plan to achieve those goals. We know that there may be challenges along the way but we show commitment to our teammates and ourselves by persevering.


When working collaboratively and cooperatively with one another, we can create success for our teammates, our communities, and ourselves.


We believe that everyone plays a role in keeping our peers and ourselves safe at all times. We thoughtfully use our words and actions in a way that maintains a safe environment for all.


We strive to be our best selves in everything that we do. We know that success is a journey that looks different for everyone.


We hold ourselves responsible for our own decisions, actions, and results we achieve. We recognize that these may not only impact us individually, but may also impact our peers, the team, and our communities.