Running Volunteer

Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

At Practice

  • Assist with practice sign-in
  • Run with youth during practices
  • Keep an eye on youth participants running in-front or behind of the adult mentor
  • Assist with goal setting and achievement of goals
  • Act as a role model for youth
  • Help to ensure that practices are a SAFE and FUN environment for youth and volunteers
  • Respond to emergency situations that may occur appropriately
  • Report any suspicious or potentially dangerous situations to Practice Leader
  • Alcohol use, substance use, or intoxication are not tolerated while at NoSurrender Running Club practice or special event at any time.

Responsibilities during Special Events

  • Show up to meeting places on-time
  • Follow all rules and regulations required to transport youth safely to destination (ifdriving youth)
  • Ensure that all youth arrive safely at home or specified drop off (if dropping off)

Becoming a Volunteer

Become a volunteer by…

Volunteer Waiver

If you’re able, please download and complete our volunteer waiver before attending your first practice.

I love working with kids in the community so this was a perfect opportunity for me. One of my favorite memories would be running The Bridge Run last year with my partner. When we crossed the finish line, she was really proud to see that all of her hard work paid off. Every kid there gives 110 percent so it feels good to see their smiling faces at the finish line.