What We Do

No Surrender Running Club believes that sport is a powerful tool for the development, growth, and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities.

Our Mission

No Surrender Running Club aims to empower West Michigan youth to achieve great things, one step at a time. To achieve this, NSRC uses relationship and running as tools to teach goal setting, build physical and mental health, and foster Positive Youth Development.

Framework for Change

NSRC activates opportunity by breaking down real and perceived barrier to sport participation among West Michigan Youth, such as:

Lack of sports programming available through schools

In 2022, 59% of the school attended by youth did not offer running programs.

Barriers related to pay-to-play or try-out centered sports programs

NSRC is the only sport-for-development program in Kent County that is open to all youth and completely free for families.

Lack of representation in the sport of running

93% of youth participants identified as a Person of Color.) Intense schedules that conflict with other responsibilities (NSRC programming is flexible to ensure youth are able to participate regardless of other responsibilities.

Lack of access to necessary sporting equipment

Youth are provided necessary equipment to ensure that they can run safely and confidently.

Lack of trust in external systems

100% of youth and family members agreed that they felt connected to a community of people at NSRC

Involvement in other systems that prevent participation in after school activities

NSRC partners with Kent County Community Corrections and Girls Court to support youth involved in juvenile justice systems.

Perceptions of a specific “athletic requirement” (e.g. “I’m not fast enough” or “I’m not a runner.”)

At the end of 2022 programming, 85% of youth strongly agreed with the statement, "I am a strong athlete."